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How many vegan belts are needed to save one cow's life?

Have you ever thought about how many leather belts are made from the cowhide of one cow? How many cows can humanity save if we stop wearing leather belts? So we collected some interesting data for you - tell your acquaintances, move to vegan belts and thus eliminate our dependence on animals :) Cowhide to leather Once a cow has been killed, the skin is removed. It is then selected in the raw state, at the very first moment when it is salted. It is organized by size and color. In the leather industry, the cow's skin is treated as the square area trapped in the skin area that removed from the cow. As shown in the diagram below, the...

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4 Facts Vegan People Must Know Before They Buy A Belt

In many cases vegan consumers find themselves wearing leather goods, due to a lack of other options. Most of these, are leather items that were owned years before the transition to a more vegan friendly lifestyle, such as shoes, bags and belts. It has become increasingly difficult to find top quality non-leather goods on the high-street. When shopping for animal friendly products, the issue is that we have to trust the seller, that what they are offering, is vegan and not in fact real leather. Shopping for vegan products can be a bit of a mine field, there are so many questions that arise, such as what are we looking for? How do we know the product is not leather?...

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